Engineering Futures Mentoring Program

The Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering (FSE) at Arizona State University are pleased to present the Engineering Futures Mentoring Program for first-year undergraduate students in an FSE Engineering program in the 2023-24 year.

This mentoring program will pair you with a like-major (as much as possible!) engineering student who is a junior, senior, or 4+1 student.

Are you wondering if your engineering major is good fit for you? Do you want to ask questions about how to become internship-ready? Are you thinking about how to have a smooth(er) transition from high school to university? Are you feeling overwhelmed or feeling that you don’t belong in engineering? If you are a first-generation-to-university student this program is for you! Why not talk with an Engineering Futures mentor?

Our goal is to understand and identify what helps students succeed in their engineering major and what challenges students face so that we can help increase your success in engineering. The program is made possible through funding from the generous support of donors to the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. This is an investment that the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering is making in your future as an engineer.

Academic expectations

Acceptance into this program means you are part of a program that involves being actively engaged in engineering  while working closely with your peer mentor. You are expected to meet with your mentor at least three times each academic semester. You are also encouraged to be engaged in engineering activities outside of your classroom to develop yourself as engineers. You will be asked to complete a survey at the end of the semester about the mentoring experience and your identity as an engineer.

Apply today! During the Fall 2023 semester, mentoring program applications will be reviewed every week until the program is no longer able to accept new mentees. The application asks for the following information to help your mentor be aware of your reasons for seeking mentorship.

  • List a few questions that you may ask your mentor.
  • Describe any challenges you have faced in your quest to pursue your engineering degree.
  • Using three phrases describe yourself.

Program leads

Contact via [email protected]

Kyle Squires, PhD
Professor and Dean

James Collofello, PhD
Professor and Vice Dean, Academic and Student Affairs

Tirupalavanam Ganesh, PhD
Tooker Professor and Assistant Dean, Engineering Education

Robin Hammond
Director, Fulton Engineering Career Center

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